The world around us has changed, but we are so excited to welcome you back into the clinic!  As always, we will continue to enforce strict disinfectant procedures following each guest visit and will be even more diligent than before to keep our Natology Team and guests at ease. Our team will be well equipped with PPE and all high touch areas will be disinfected all day long, including door handles, light switches and bathrooms.  Based upon AHS recommendations, we will be limiting the number of people in the clinic, most importantly in our reception area and narrow hallway.  Please have a careful look through the policies we will be implementing to ensure the safety of our team, guests and community:


1. Covid-19 Screening Survey must be completed 24 hours prior to your appointment.


2. We ask that you come to your appointment with a mask. If you’re in for a facial, you may remove it once in the room.


3. Please arrive for your appointment on time. Remain in your car and check in by going to the following link on your phone:

Once you’ve checked in, we’ll send you a text when we are ready for you and it is safe for you to come in.  **Please review your profile on our online booking system and ensure the cell phone number you have on file is correct.


4. We will no longer have our fluffy duvets.  If you are concerned about keeping warm, please dress accordingly. When possible, please also leave extra personal belongings at home or in your car (ie: bags, jackets, etc).


5. Upon entering the clinic, you will be required to remove your shoes, sanitize your hands, and have your temperature checked. 


6. All consent forms MUST be completed prior to arrival.  We will not have our ipad or computer available to anyone.  All consent forms can be completed on your phone for convenience.


7.  We’ve staggered appointments specifically to avoid contact with other clients.  If you happen to see someone still in the reception area, please wait outside until it is clear.


8. We ask that you come to your appointment alone.  Please no accompanying guests or children.


9. If you require any products, please contact us in advance and we will schedule a pick up time to avoid groups of people at reception.


10. We will not be accepting cash at this time.


11. No-Show Policy: We have a very high volume of clients scheduled with less time slots available in a day due to increased sanitation times and staggering of appointments.  Please be considerate and inform us if you cannot make your appointment.  We will be implementing a strict $50 no show fee if you choose to miss it.


We understand that things are good to seem a little different and weird moving forward, but we are all in this together.  Although we can't embrace you all with a hug, please know that Natology love is everywhere and we are thrilled to welcome you back into our home.


With love & light,

The Natology Team