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Fighting Hyperpigmentation from the Inside Out

  Pigmentation, or the natural colour of a person’s skin, is related to melanin production. Melanin protects skin cells and their DNA by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin causes a darkened appearance to the skin in small or large areas.    Hyperpigmentation Types and Triggers: UV induced: This type is […]

What does preventative Botox even mean?

  People always ask, “When is the right age to start getting Botox”? Ahh! I LOVE this question! The truth is, there is no exact age that is considered “preventative”. Of course, professionals can not and will not administer to anyone younger than 20, but after that, it depends on the individual. One woman’s wrinkles […]

5 Reasons Your Skin Breaks Out During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean the festivities have to sabotage your skincare goals. Late-night celebrations, decadent treats and a to-do list a mile long might have you reaching for that extra glass of wine. Before you undo all your hard work, here are 5 reasons your skin breaks out over […]

The Hidden Link Between Stress and Acne

  So many people suffer from acne that just never seems to go away. They eat a seemingly perfect diet, are meticulous with their skincare, and drink gallons of water. So what is holding them back? For many, it’s the toxicity of chronic stress.   What is stress? For many, stress is simply a feeling […]

Want Gorgeous Glowing Skin? The 5 Herbal Teas You Need To Know

Sometimes, looking after your skin can seem like a full-time job. But did you know that you can support clear, healthy happy skin with just a cup of herbal tea every day?   Herbal teas are a great and delicious addition to your diet. They are an easy way to keep you and your skin hydrated, […]

Breakouts? The 7 Sneaky Foods That Trigger Acne

  There is nothing worse than an unexpected acne breakout. You’ve been diligent with your skin-care regime, you’ve avoided the beauty products that you’re sensitive to, but still your skin seems to have a mind of its own. It’s time to look to your diet.   There are seven foods that might be triggering your […]

Vitamin D: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Vitamin D is a hot topic when it comes to health and well-being. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s one of the most important nutrients out there when it comes to skin health.   It’s time to look at the role of vitamin D in skin health, and how to get enough […]

The Toxic Skincare Ingredients That Can Ruin Your Health

  It’s no secret that skincare is a necessary process in modern society. Thanks to all of the chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to throughout the day, as well as artificial lighting, heating/cooling and more, our skin needs a bit of TLC to be at its best.   The problem is, many conventional […]

Should I Use Accutane, Antibiotics or Birth Control For Acne?

One of the most common questions I encounter as a skin specialist is whether someone should take the medications that most doctors recommend for acne control.   Personally, I’m not a big fan of this, and for good reason. Today, I want to explain why I don’t recommend these treatments, and how they can be […]

Keep It Cool – Why You Should Follow An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

  Anti-inflammatory is all the rage in wellness today. But what does it mean, and does it matter to you? Today I want to look at the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet – for your skin, and your overall well-being.   An anti-inflammatory diet is one that contains lots of foods that have an anti-inflammatory […]